Can you be unlucky but lucky at the same time?

This is Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher. He is dubbed as the World’s Unluckiest Man as well as the World’s Luckiest Man.

In 1962, at 32 years of age, he was travelling in a train through a canyon. The train flipped, drowning 17 passengers. He too fell in the river, but was saved by an anonymous man. He only suffered from a broken arm and Hypothermia.

An year later, in 1963, he was travelling in a plane. His first and last plane ride. But, as luck would have it, the plane crashed. 19 people were killed, but he survived. How? Quoting from his Wikipedia page:

he was blown out of a malfunctioning plane door and landed in a haystack;

Full Tom and Jerry style.

Fast forward three years to 1966. He was travelling in a bus. The bus lost control and fell into a river. Four passengers died. The music teacher left with a few bruises.

Year 1970. He was driving his own car this time. The car blew up. Caught fire. He survived.

1973. Another mishap with his own car. The fuel pump was malfunctioning and it poured hot oil onto the engine. The air vents started breathing fire! The teacher’s hair caught fire, but no serious damage was done. Survived.

1995, 22 years later, just walking. Struck by a bus.

1996. Head on collision with a truck on a mountain curve. He was literally ejected out of his car because he wasn’t wearing seat belts. (Of course, why would he?) He was saved by holding onto a tree while his car plunged 90 meters straight. That is higher than most skyscraper!. He was rescued by firefighters.

That is 7 times. After all of what happened, he started suspecting that he was really lucky. And what is a better way to check that hypothesis than to buy a lottery ticket? So he buys a lottery ticket. And guess what happens? Yes. He won 800,000 Euros!(about 1,110,000 US Dollars!)

Frane Selak – Wikipedia

Author: Sanskar Dikshit, Currently experiencing 19th year of my existence

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