How can I break-the-ice with the interviewer?

I can give you 2 examples.


Interviewer: “Why do you want to teach at a Catholic school?”

Me: “My high school counselor told me that this is where the big money is in teaching. I believe they may have been misinformed.”

(It’s funny because everyone here knows that Catholic school teachers make much less than their public school counterparts.)


It was a 95-degree summer day, and I was interviewing for a teaching position at a high school. I was being interviewed by a group of five people. I walked into the room with my sport coat in my hand and, before anyone said anything, I held it out and said, “It’s too hot to wear this thing. I just brought it in to prove I own one.”

They all laughed, and the tension was broken.

Author: Matthew Bates, M.A. Teaching & English

Source: Here