How did you get the job despite many people queuing for it?

“I take it as a compliment, Thank you” says the Amazon HR with a smile

I had been waiting to tell this to someone for my whole life. But before I come to the point, I need you to go through a small prologue


It was one of those big days in our University. The joint-placement drive of Amazon India was being conducted in our university, with 50 vacancies for 2 profiles and 1600 candidates (with 2 zeroes) competing for the same.

The recruitment and selection process had been going on for 48 continuous hours.

DAY 1: we started by 8am with a JAM session(Just a Minute session) and ended after 7–10 rounds of online tests (includes Aptitude, Reasoning, Stress Handling) by around 11pm at night, whereby just 200 candidates were left

The next day, the same cycle continued with the session starting at 8.30am. All that was left was interview. We were made to wait 12 hours and were not allowed to leave the waiting hall for water or food or anything for that case. My turn to enter the interview hall came by 7.30pm (and there were still 20% candidates left).

The HR, a middle aged manager, with his suit hanging around a chair nearby, looked tired AF, and was sipping a cup of coffee. I was hungry and thirsty, and wanted to pee (the first time I ever encountered all these together).


The interview started with 7–10 minutes of technical and general questions.
At the end, he asked the question to which even our Soft Skills trainers never had a definite answer

“Do you have anything to say?” He asked

I was at the end of my wits. I couldn’t garner any question to ask. I kept staring at his face, which had a bored look by. Probably he was expecting another of those cut-paste-from-Google answer/question

I asked,

“Sir, I have been going through this selection process for the past 48 hours, and without doing a single work I feel so exhausted.
But you as an HR seem to be very energetic in spite of such long hours of tiresome work. Can you just brief me on how to get this energy to do things”

He smiled at me and said

I take that as a compliment to the HR community. Thank You.
You get this energy when you love what you do.”

He shook my hands with a warm smile, which was the first sign of life I saw in him after 10–15 minutes of meeting him.

After another 25 minutes of waiting, I got my Letter of Intent printed and walked back to my hostel with the Amazon Recruit tag.

Author: Mahi Balan M, BTech Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Lovely Professional University

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