What are some disgusting encounter in the gym?

Years ago, I worked as a lifeguard at a local health club. Over the course of a year, I saw a lot of strange occurrences.

  • People having sex in the pools.
  • An old naked guy with a half inch dick, proudly standing in the doorway between the pool and shower room. He stood there for about five minutes.
  • A 50 year old Russian prostitute hit on me (At the time I was like 16 and looked like I was 12.)
  • Old dudes that would hit on me. (I’m a guy. So overall incredibly awkward.)
  • A woman that didn’t care she was walking in the pool area half naked
  • Someone going down on a girl
  • The most awkard had to be at closing time. I was the last person to leave that day. I was doing my walkthrough to make sure no one was left in the building. I propped on the sauna door. I checked the inhallation room. Two guys were jerking each other off. I could visably see them through the glass door. I worked a double and honestly didn’t care. I opened the glass door and told them that we were closing. They continued the entire time, I was talking. To be fair they looked a little embarassed. I left and finished closing up, when I came back they were gone. I went home

A lot of strange things happen at a gym.

Author: Anonymous

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