What are the pros and cons of having six pack abs?

Abs 6 packs


  • You have a 6-pack. congrats, you’ve achieved something 95% of people never will
  • clothes fit better, your entire body is more defined
  • you generally look healthier
  • instead of being afraid to take your shirt off in public, you find every excuse to take your shirt off in public (I suppose this could be a con if you value modesty)
  • you’re at a body fat level that is generally better for your health. No need to worry about diabetes, heart disease, etc.


  • You’re hungry, a lot. Assuming we’re talking about an absolutely chiseled 6-pack, you’re probably at a very low body fat %
  • you think about food constantly
  • you’re more irritable
  • you have to say no to social situations that don’t adhere to your diet (within reason, you can afford SOME splurging, but it’s pretty minor)
  • some people think you look like a cancer patient until you take your shirt off
  • you’re WEAK and you probably dread gym sessions

Personally, i’d rather carry a little extra body fat and avoid all the negative mental strains that come with being extremely lean. I think having a balanced approach to your diet is the way to go!

Source: Quora

Original Author: Ivan Miller, Fitness, Nutrition, and Strength Training Coach