What would happen if I did 10 pushups a day?

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You’ll gain muscle, get stronger, and look awesome in the mirror.

Let me explain. Doing 10 pushups everyday may seem like nothing at first, but for a person who hasn’t worked out their entire life – it’s a big deal. I know because I couldn’t do 2 proper pushups when I was starting out.

Most people know what they need to do to get in shape – Eat right. Workout. Drink tons of water. Sleep. Repeat.

But most of them don’t do it. Why? They don’t see result right away, so they give up.

When you start doing 10 pushups a day, you won’t lose much weight, you won’t feel any stronger, and to be honest, you will even think that it’s kind of a stupid idea.

But here’s what staying committed to doing 10 pushups a day WILL do – it will help you build self-discipline.

As you continue to push your self doubt aside and do 10 pushups a day, you start to feel that 10 pushups are too easily. So you decide to do 11 pushups. Then the next day you do 12, then 13, then 14, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, and boom! You have turned yourself into a pushup machine.

Also, another interesting thing usually happens on the side- Mr. Momentum kicks in.

Now, you don’t want to do just pushups, you want to test your limits. So you start researching about various bodybuilding workout programs. You start learning about nutrition and experimenting with different diets. You fall in love with proteins and start looking for gyms near by. You find other people who are interested in getting stronger and healthier. So you guys meet up and go for a run. And the snowball starts to get bigger and bigger.

6 months later, you notice something different in the mirror – your chest is bigger, your arms look pumped, and you feel like you are full of energy all the time.

How did it happen?

It started with doing 10 pushups a day.

Source: Quora

Original Author: Atul Pradhananga