Who is famous and difficult to die?

Fidel Castro.

Yes, Him.

He survived over 630 assasinations attempts, the assasinations attempts were planned by The U.S. Mafia, even his own mistress, and many others.

He was hated and loved equally by millions across Cuba, but the number of assassination attempts will shock you no matter what!

A documentary was made to tell the world about his story, and the title is “638 Ways to Kill Castro.” Yes, 638 ways, from the title itself. You see the number of attempts is really high, and Fidel Castro surely had a happy life by cheating death over 600 times!

The film reveals multiple methods of assasination, from exploding cigars to femmes fatales; a radio station rigged with gaseous LSD to a poison syringe posing as an innocuous Fountain Pen, Fabian Escalante, the former head of the Intelligence Directorate and the man who had the job of protecting Castro for many of the 49 years he was in power, alleges that there were over 600 plots and conspiracies known to Cuban agents, all dreamt up to end Castro’s life. Some were perpetrated by the CIA, especially during the first half of the 1960s. From the seventies onwards, the attempts were most often made by Cuban Exiles, who had been trained by the CIA shortly after Castro took power in 1959.

Yeah, looking at the number of Fidel Castro assasinations attempts I think this guy, deserves to be known as the luckiest person who ever lived; he survived the most insane thing a human could ever experience in their life!

638 Assassination Attempts

Author: Ibrahim Imaduddin

Source: Here