Who is the craziest & greatest scientist ever known?

There are many people who came in times that were difficult for them and changed history. But to shortlist a few, I would say That there were about 4:-

Nicholas Copernicus

Galileo Galilee

Albert Einstein

Leonardo Da Vinci

Why only these? First thing of all, because of their time. Nicholas Copernicus was born in a time where people strongly believed that the universe was Geocentric. Anybody who thought different was called a mental person. I mean, obviously. if someone came and announced that “Hey, water doesn’t flow downwards, it flows upwards!” You would definitely call him a mental person. Same were Copernicus’ situation. He was forced to believe that his belief was false and if he didn’t agree(Which he didn’t) , He was grounded in a room with his work and everything.But later when another guy came, Galileo, he was proven right. So, yeah. It needed courage to single-handedly stand up against the whole world for the truth.He was indeed, one of the greatest scientist ever known. Now we come to the man who single-handedly formed the Scientific Revolution,Galileo Galilee. Well, there is nothing to say about this guy. He was just brilliant. He also fought for the truth against the church.The church had adopted aristotle’s and Ptolemy’s theories about the Universe being geocentric and all. THis guy also stood up for the truth. He also wrote his book Dialogue, arguing on both the geocentric theory of the universe and the heliocentric theory of the solar system with the permission of this pope called Urban VIII, in which he conddemed a dumb character. That dumb character was pope Urban VIII himself. So, cool.Yes, he was mind boggling.

Then of course, we have Albert Einstein. Had to put him in. Not only he was the greatest, he also questioned the respect of his teachers, including Heinrich Weber. He used to annoy everything out of all his teachers, and also fooled a doctor to write a note that he could not attend school. That is cool. Also he was a great violin player. You can’t doubt Da Vinci. Not only was he an inventor, painter, artist, scientist altogether, he combined all of them! Yes! Research has proved that after shooting infrared rays on the Mona Lisa, they could see his initials written in her right eye!He used to add everything in his paitnings. In the Last Supper, he adjusted the hands and spoons of the people to form musical notes, which when played form the Hymn of God, as the researchers call it. They also say, that the doors have UFO’s shaped on them! amazing. THese people are the craziest scientists you can ever know. A person who missed the list nearly was Isaac Newton. Believe it or not, the scientist was more interested in alchemy than in Physics. He also used to give lectures onthe existence of Werewolves and loved poking himself inthe eye with a knife!These guys are the coolest, most courageous and crazy scientists you can know.

Author: Eshan Sarda

Source: Here