Why would you still work if you had enough money?

I remember at the age of 16 I made a deal with myself that I would work my a** off and push hard for the first half of my life then take the last half off. Right out of High School I worked full time during the day and even had a graveyard gig at night and weekends were fair game as well. At 45 I didn’t need to do anything that I didn’t want to anymore but it became who I was at that point.

I need to go in every morning to somewhere and make a difference doing something, otherwise I don’t feel like I’m of any value to anyone. I have little respect for those that don’t know what it is to work a full day, perform well and know you made a difference. I may put in 30–40hrs a week now but it’s truly only because I want to at this point.

The easiest thing to do these days is out work the guy next to you, save more than he does and over a good amount of time you have enough. By the way, I never had a job that paid over 75k year and that was working my way up from the very bottom to management. Every little decision was centered around that deal I made at 16…

Author: Robert Collier, I passed the Series 7 Brokers Exam at 19yo and am retired at 47

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